On the outside, Rambutan is a round to oval single-seeded berry, 3 to 6 cm long and 3 to 4 cm broad. Its skin is red and covered with fleshy pliable spines that look like little hairs--hence it´s name, which comes from the Indonesian word “rambut”, which means hair

Its pulp is a translusent or whitish flesh that is meaty, juicy and sweet.

 Fact Sheet

Variable Information
Common name Rambutan
Scientific name Nephelium lappaceum
Most common uses
  1. Eat as dessert fruit
  2. Make fresh juice
  3. Add to salads
  4. Prepare jams and jellies 
  5. Combine with yougurt, dessert and smoothies
Shipping Air Freight in cold temperature (52º F)

Individual box: 5 lbs. (about 70 pieces)

: 165 boxes (825 lb.) and 154 boxes (770 lb.)

Meets Global GAP standards

Country of Origin Guatemala